Come Together


The twin flag sigil of Frederica represents the strength formed by unions at this magical place. For it is here where water meets land; where architecture blends with the landscape; where tradition joins hospitality and where generations meld into a single family. Upon the 3,000 acres of St. Simons Island in Georgia that encapsule Frederica, environmental stewardship joins with uncompromising amenities to create a private lifestyle to be enjoyed by a fortunate few families for generations.


Our Finest Offering

Within the private, gated community of Frederica on St. Simons Island in Georgia, a limited collection of 21 lakefront estates — The Frederica Estates.

Starting at 8 acres and growing to more than 40 acres in size, Frederica Estates were envisioned with the ability to build up to three estate homes that will serve as a family compound with the amenities, landscape, and experiences that you wish. A legacy and lifestyle tailor-fit to your family for generations.

Here you have room to breathe and space to grow. Here you can realize your vision of a family compound, with an estate home and private amenities for your family to cherish. And that’s just the beginning.

A Treasured Lifestyle

The Frederica Estates are envisioned as legacies that a select few families can create today and enjoy well into the future. In concert with the elevated landscape and timeless architecture that will stand define this enclave, we’ve crafted an unprecedented membership available exclusively to Frederica Estate Owners.

Ownership of each estate includes a vertical family membership to Frederica Golf Club*
plus a unique multi-generational membership to the award-winning Sea Island Club.*

21 Estates

21 Personalities

The lakefront locations. The generous acreage. The unique membership package. Every detail of Frederica Estates makes these the finest properties that we have ever – or will ever— offer.

For Now And Forever

The home you create at Frederica Estates is a message that will be carried throughout generations. One that talks of craftsmanship, about savoring life, about protecting the land around us, and, most importantly, a message about putting family first. All those ideas come together here — for now and forever.


Estate Living

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